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Quartz: The Smart Ledgers

May 13, 2021

Namitha KP, Solution Architect, Quartz, introduces Quartz solutions for creating blockchain ecosystems:

Quartz DevKit, a smart contract development kit that enables developers to build professional blockchain ecosystems. Using a single metamodel, a low-code framework, and a web-based IDE, programmers can create smart contracts that work across multiple platforms.

Quartz Gateway, which provides open-standard APIs for integrating blockchain platforms with other enterprise platforms using industry-standard messages and pre-tested integration plugins.

Quartz Command Center administers blockchain platforms though a consolidated view, with full access control and user management. Through a single portal, organizations can launch, monitor, and participate in multiple blockchain ecosystems.

This recording was taken from Global Blockchain Week, hosted by Blockchain Revolution Global, and held in October 2020.

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